About Kawaii Universe


Kawaii Context:

( "Kawaii" means cute in Japanese and Universe stands for a never ending energetic context of the infinite cuteness created! ) its our dedication & specialty.


Kawaii Universe specifically speaking is also a Wynwood / Miami-based designer ( single individual ) specializing in high-definition original, design and multimedia currently manifested into a unique, handmade pop art stickers, pillows, and apparel retail / showcase.

Infinite Cuteness Showcase:

Kawaii Universe is currently located in the Heart of Wynwood Art District via the Harold Golen Gallery.

We believe in bringing you color and cuteness like no other and design quality from only one mother. 

Our infinite cuteness showcase demonstrates just that, thousands of designs to choose from and usually hundreds of designs on display.

High Definition - Design Themes & Projects


Creative Design and Product Development:

Our in house design archive and showcase has accumulated an intense focus of themes, such as; cute food, objects, symbols, nature and so much more you'll be astonished!

We specialize in bringing the you the most vivid, colorful design for any type of install.

•Room Decor •Props •Music Videos •Backdrops •Art Installations •Textiles •Products

Tells us about your next project:

We offer an extensive array of custom design services and solutions.

For example and not limited to: involving conceptual development, content specific design and educational pictorial problem solving, original, visually specific, tangible media development for branding needs, web, applications, retail and so much more.

Yes: The whole universe will be Kawaii-fied and it's happening even as you read this.


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Cuteness Experience:

Kawaii Universe is accustom to popping up a pop shop at all sorts of events at short notice.

From museums to farmers markets, anime cons and craft fairs. We've participated and have experience with interacting / engaging the public at numerous types of events.

Seriously if you are in Florida or have ever visited Florida, you've more than likely have experienced us or seen us!

Invite Us:

Invite us or tell us about your next event, we'd be happy to learn about it or be a special guest!

Our infinite cuteness showcase will make any event, from big or large we can meld right in and make the space, from our energetic pop up, to larger than life art installs, workshops and more!!